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Competition and advances in technology have driven innovation in the way homes are marketed. Increasing globalization and growing personal mobility require marketing a home through multiple channels, including online services that did not exist just a few years ago.

  Key Factors To Consider
What firm offers the best marketing program?
How effectively, and of what quality, is the firm's online exposure?
What price will you set for your home?
How does the agent propose to maximize your home's appeal?

Marketing Support

An effective marketing program takes a comprehensive approach. It considers the ways consumers learn about available homes, and incorporates valuable, innovative elements.

Quality Online Exposure

Your property can be included in a database of all available properties, called the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). All MLS data reaches consumers around the world, thanks to the Internet. The effectiveness of online marketing is a function of how much exposure a property receives and how well it appears. You can realize substantial exposure for your property online: make sure it is quality exposure.

Maximize Your Home's Appeal

To market your home successfully, it should be prepared to show all of its potential. Your listing agent can help you emphasize the positive aspects of your home and maximize its appeal.

  The  Residential Brokerage Marketing Program

Residential Brokerage's Marketing Program puts all of these factors to work selling your home, including:

The Residential Brokerage Brand
Open Houses
Direct Mail
The Residential Brokerage Network
Local Advertising
Yard Signs

The Residential Brokerage Brand

By making the community aware of Residential Brokerage, we attract more buyers, ultimately providing greater exposure for your home. We have invested seriously in building our brand name through television, radio, and print media. It will bring an intrinsic and singular value to your property, distinguishing it from other homes on the market.


HomeMoviesSM ensure that listings stand out online. A HomeMovieSM will be made for your property and hosted on Unlike the typical virtual tours that have become widely available, these are full-motion videos. They include complete interior and exterior views, allowing the audience to see a genuine sneak preview from their own desktop, at their convenience. HomeMoviesSM are best viewed with broadband Internet access.

View a sample HomeMovieSM


Certain scenes from the HomeMoviesSM video footage will be selected for use in a still PhotoGallerySM of your home, hosted on The gallery contains 9 images of your home. The PhotoGallerySM provides an excellent complement to HomeMoviesSM, especially for Internet users who have connections with slower speeds than broadband.


MyPageSM allows consumers to customize their experience on, including the ability to save and email property listings and receive email notifications about the following:

New listings that match custom criteria
Open Houses that match custom criteria
Price and status changes on saved properties
Listings on 3 favorite streets

Open Houses

Your Residential Brokerage agent may arrange an Open House to show your property to the public, normally over the course of a weekend. The date and time for an Open House are typically published on our Web site during the week prior to the event. A link for Maps and Directions is also included. Hosting an Open House can be a productive method for making people aware that your home is available.

Direct Mail

We have an extensive direct mail program designed to inform the public of our listings. For each home, Residential Brokerage sends notices throughout the community. Neighbors become aware that your home is available; they, or someone they know, may become interested (This is just one example of several different types of direct mail programs we utilize).

The Residential Brokerage Network

Most homebuyers are introduced to your home by another agent. At Residential Brokerage, we have over 4,500 agents throughout New England who will work as a team to sell your property. In addition, professionals in our other services are excellent referral sources for attracting potential buyers.

Local Advertising

Statistics show that one third of all buyers move within the same town. Consequently, local advertising can be an important element of a marketing campaign; this may include placing an ad for your home in the Classified section of local newspapers.

Yard Signs

A sign will be professionally installed in a strategic location on your property, and we will install a lock box, if applicable.

An effective marketing program, well-implemented should generate many offers.